Reserve Crew – Planning Nightmare

Reserve month has arrived, as always, by surprise. Planning becomes something of a challenge. Being as organized as possible and exuding flexibility will go hand-in-hand; ready for play by play changes.

My flight attendant roster offers a “reserve” month, every 7 months or so. I am on call on a daily basis and my trips dictate my time randomly. There is no opportunity for rigid planning and I must be ready for upcoming school events, school lunches, sports drop off, meal options and anything else that may arise.

Ah, but I DO see opportunity! It is a chance to get way ahead of the game. I can prepare the entire month and get my calendar working for me. I can embrace this force of having to be proactively and completely organized. For once, I can sit back and enjoy the “I have it together,” feeling! My support team; Husband and Nanny, won’t know what hit them.

Sunny days, afterall.

Firstly, I must comb my emails and schedule all school events onto my iPhone; complete with reminders and pop -ups. My device is my personal secretary and if used properly, never fails me. I can then communicate to my supporting family members and helping caregiver, clearly, on a whiteboard, so everyone knows my expectations. Our little one doesn’t have to miss out on a single obligation and responsibilities are adhered to.

Check out my TOP FIVE FREE Apps that I am currently using. You can download and give them a try.

1. Evernote

2. Family Organizer by Piniic

3. Organize Budget Planner

4. Spending Tracker

5. 8fit Workout & Meal Planner

Secondly, I must shop and stock up on groceries and meal plan. It is best to have a plan, and if time permits, it is great to prepare what you can for lunches and dinner ahead of time, as this will save money and avoid waste.

I like to have weekly meal ideas posted to the refrigerator, as inspiration and a guide to help keep our five year old eating a rounded and somewhat healthy diet – as much as possible. It isn’t easy and help here is always welcome. I consult Pinterest and other blog sites for ideas and alternative options when I need to mix things up.

Next, I make sure clothing, sports equipment, school bag and uniforms are complete and ready and this makes mornings and evenings a breeze.

All that is left is getting my son to and from his many events, so he can exert all that energy to good activities that he enjoys and his healthy routine is complete. A network of good neighbors and an active support “team” has to be reliable and willing, as best as possible. A mutual give- and offer works well in a tight knit neighborhood, if you are lucky enough to be a part of one!

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