Hi there Kimberly, Although I am not yet a mother, …

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Hi there Kimberly,

Although I am not yet a mother, I feel that reading books to children at a young age helps to develop their understanding and maturity better. There was an occasions I noticed that book reading had a very positive impact.

I was on a plane and there was a family of two small children sitting not far away from me. It was a long flight and I thought, just like any other kids, they were going to throw tantrums at some point.

Fortunately, when they started to become agitated, the mom pulled out heaps of pictured books (not toys) and read to them. It calmed them almost immediately. No shouting, no fighting and no crying. I was awed.

That was something every mother should see.

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Road to Guilt Free Working Parents
I view this situation from a slightly different angle. I am that child who’s guilty for working too many hours and not spending enough time with my parents.

Dad is in his 70’s and he’s changing for the better. Mom is in her 60’s and she’s just being diagnosed with diabetes. And I have to work 6 days a week – it’s tiring and unrewarding in terms of family time.

That’s what makes me started an online business because I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than working from home. When I have my own kids, I would like to watch them grow in front of me.

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