Hi Tarja! Thanks so much for reading my little blog …

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Hi Tarja! Thanks so much for reading my little blog today. Many thanks for your sweet and uplifting comments. You made my day 🙂 Two sons? I am in awe of you – well done 😉 Wishing you the best!

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Read to Your Children

Thank you for sharing your story about the family onboard your flight. I cringe when I see little ones in the same enclosed space that I am in, even though I have a child myself! Well, I try and be understanding and just hope that the little ones can be entertained, however, children are children and they must express themselves as best as they know how. lol

We try our very best!

Take care, Cathy!

Read to Your Children

Wow! Such a lovely comment to read! The journey is amazing and we have an important job in life! So happy to hear your story, thanks so much for sharing. I cannot wait to see my boy reading his first words, and for him to read to me!

Thanks for visiting my site and I appreciate the time you took to comment as well!

All the best to you and the wonderful (little) people in your life! Take good care!

Read to Your Children

Thanks so very much for stopping by and for your lovely comments. I’m so proud of you – a teacher is a gift!

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Flight Attendant Mom

Thank you, Lacey! Here’s to Mom’s, making it work as best as we can! 

Face the Guilt of Parenting

YES! We all have diverse upbringings and they build our character! Thanks for visiting today and for sharing! Cheers to us – we are so blessed with our boys 🙂 xo

Continue to do your best and I wish you much happiness and blessed days!

Face the Guilt of Parenting

Thanks Allen, for taking your time to share! I know my parents were’t able to give my brother and I everything we wanted – I am so grateful for this. I know that my parents were out working for our welfare and we had to sometimes fend for ourselves or go without. I am grateful for this. My parents did everything for us and loved us very much (to this day!). Bless those parents – those ones who who never quit and were creative and giving and humourous and tough!

4 children?! Wow! You are amazing! xo


Hi Barbara! It’s so very hard to leave my son! I just feel so blessed because we have such support and our little guy bonds with both my husband and I occasionally separate and occasionally together. As the times change, so will we…. So far, we are making it work. Life is not easy!

Tips: have a really excellent routine. Since my boy was three months old – he understands structure. He loves the security and knowing some consistency in his life. He has expectations and we meet the good valued ones; the basic ones! Reading, eating, bathing, playing and sleeping are ritualistic almost!

We just do our very best and yep, we rely on support so our boy is well rounded and well loved.

We are not perfect, but I am providing a foundation and the rest I am learning along the way!

All the best to you!

Take good care, Always!


Flight Attendant Mom

Life is what you make it in the end! No matter what – you have to enjoy what you do. For the first time in my life, I do enjoy my work and travel is pretty amazing. Now that I am a Mom, there are challenges and perhaps I’ll move onto the next adventure that is more fitting. Just like everything, we change with the times…. It’s all up to us! Yay!

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