Read to Your Children

Read to your children. Bond and Explore!

As you are about to see, I am quite passionate about reading and I want to encourage my child to read and explore and learn along the way. I read to my son every night I am with him and my husband does the same! From the time our son was a brand new baby we have been reading books before bed. It is a great routine that your infant craves to feel secure and it is a great time to settle down after a busy day and bond, and share a moment.

After my son has been fed and bathed, he knows it’s story time! He leads me to our reading area, with a book of his choice in hand and we sit down and read the bedtime story. He usually picks the same three books each time! I introduce new ones from time to time, but honour his favourites.

Reading Joy

I’ve been reading diligently; finding a certain console. I finished 6 books recently, ranging from authors such as the Dhali Lama to Ernest Hemingway. I have picked up books here and there with subjects baring titles such as, “Yoga Bitch,” to “Beruit to Jerusalem”. Books and this blog seem to be somewhat like my boyfriend, as I have been known to say before. I escape and consult, learn, and I find companionship. I visit, come home to, travel with, and bring to my bedroom these books. I am faithful to the writings, even if I find it not to my perfect liking and I finish it to the end, if it must end, taking from it what may intrigue, enlighten, entertain, evoke anger or teach. Always loyal and appreciative.

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Where do you want to go today?

The writings, at times, have included real time and place; the literature explores history and landmarks, and at other times fictional stories elate, or both! Recognizable when one is actually standing on the very soil and experiencing the structure, the art, or grounds. For example, enjoying a latte below the Eiffel Tower, or sitting and feeling the sun in the square at The Louvre in Paris. Traversing the Great Wall in China with ones own feet! (Not sure if there is any other way). Listening to a symphony at the Opera House in Sydney with near tears promising to be worthy. Smelling the raw meats on the streets of Bangkok on a hot, humid day when not feeling well to begin with, or watching horrible, inconceivable events transpire in many parts of the world;  not all is beautiful and pleasing.

Who has time – Mom’s are on the fly!

Ok, Mom on the go, you think reading is too much of a luxury and there isn’t time? Read while you are on that business trip. Take some time for you instead of business proposals or attending to laundry when at home. I like to stay organised and not let things pile up so I strive to be organised and have things running like clockwork so I have time for me, time for husband, time for baby AND time for my career. I fit family and friends in when I can too! Total balancing act that you get better with in time!

Hopefully you can make some time. Can you use that bedtime story slot to read to your little one? If they are young enough they are only listening to the sound of your voice which is a great time to read the newspaper aloud or a book you fancy. Even a romance novel as newborns don’t understand quite yet! When it comes to older infants and toddlers, as young ones get older they will venture into their own independent times of play. You can stay nearby, reading, while still being present and keeping them out of danger.



  1. aishahomemadecupcakerecipes says:

    Hey there, you have a great article! Thanks it was an enjoyable read! I agree reading is very important for everyone especially children. I’m a teacher and we try our best to encourage parents to read to their children everyday and we also try to instil the passion of reading in children. I watched a documentary where a couple had filmed their baby until he was about 4 and they were reading to the baby even when it was in the womb! This was great for the child as by the time they became 4 they not only could read fluently but also had a great passion for reading too!

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  2. Tarja says:

    Hi Kimberley, and thank you for a wonderful site! You can tell by the colors right away that this must be a woman’s site – if you didn’t know the name of it that is. Looks so inviting with all those colors! Anyway, I must say that your writing reminds me of the time when my sons were small and I used to read to them. I think too that you can make time for everything if you do it right, and you can never go wrong in spending those precious moments with your children. They add so much quality to life and create so many beautiful memories! That is why I hope that as many parents as possible read sites like yours for you can never get that time back! So I thank you Kimberley, in behalf of them too if I may! 🙂

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    • Kimberley says:

      Hi Tarja! Thanks so much for reading my little blog today. Many thanks for your sweet and uplifting comments. You made my day 🙂 Two sons? I am in awe of you – well done 😉 Wishing you the best!

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  3. Kimberley Hungar says:

    Sharing a comment I received in my feedback – behind the scenes 🙂
    Thanks, Jason!

    Fantastic! I remember reading green eggs and ham to my little cousin about 4 years ago, not just did my little cousin enjoyed the book thoroughly, I myself had a really good time reading, laughing and just enjoying the time with her. It brings back such fun memories. It is quite important to read to children and also to read so that they can see you reading as this will develop a good habit within them and lead them to a much better path in life. This has been a good read and keep writing more so I can read. Jason.

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  4. vivia says:

    Hi Kimberley,

    I think this is such a great article. Personally, I come from a family of avid readers. Reading for us comes naturally and I have made every effort to pass that on to my two girls.
    Like you, we read before bedtime, and unfortunately I have to read the same books over and over. Pretending to be the wolf in The Three Little Pigs can become very tiring 🙂
    Another thing I try to encourage my children to do is to use the library. It is something that many people have forgotten about and I think it is quite sad.
    They both really love reading and I think it is something we all need to encourage our children to do.

    Love and light.

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  5. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hello there Kimberley , what a wonderful post.I have been reading to my kids since they were born.Now my bigger son is reading to me , just before sleep.The best routine ever , if we can call it a routine.

    I believe it is extremely important to share moments with children.I play with them as much as I can because when I was a kid my parents did not have time for me.Their work was absorbing all of their time.

    Children are better educated this way and they enjoy every moment.

    Glad to meet a fellow parent like you , keep on blogging.

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    • Kimberley says:

      Wow! Such a lovely comment to read! The journey is amazing and we have an important job in life! So happy to hear your story, thanks so much for sharing. I cannot wait to see my boy reading his first words, and for him to read to me!

      Thanks for visiting my site and I appreciate the time you took to comment as well!

      All the best to you and the wonderful (little) people in your life! Take good care!

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  6. Cathy says:

    Hi there Kimberly,

    Although I am not yet a mother, I feel that reading books to children at a young age helps to develop their understanding and maturity better. There was an occasions I noticed that book reading had a very positive impact.

    I was on a plane and there was a family of two small children sitting not far away from me. It was a long flight and I thought, just like any other kids, they were going to throw tantrums at some point.

    Fortunately, when they started to become agitated, the mom pulled out heaps of pictured books (not toys) and read to them. It calmed them almost immediately. No shouting, no fighting and no crying. I was awed.

    That was something every mother should see.

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    • Kimberley says:

      Thank you for sharing your story about the family onboard your flight. I cringe when I see little ones in the same enclosed space that I am in, even though I have a child myself! Well, I try and be understanding and just hope that the little ones can be entertained, however, children are children and they must express themselves as best as they know how. lol

      We try our very best!

      Take care, Cathy!

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