This is such a good article and a very important …

Comment on Positive Discipline for Toddlers by Holly.

This is such a good article and a very important topic that doe snot get addressed often enough. The other day I was shopping and heard a small child say to its Mum (crying) “will you give me some chocolate to shut me up?” In other words this is what the child had either learned would work or had witnessed parents rewarding their kids for bad behaviour by giving them candy! Have you seen this yourself? It is terrible that parents are so worn out they don’t realise the damage they are doing by just giving in for a bit of peace.

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Returning to Work After Baby
Hi Kimberley,

Your article is so beautiful and yet so sad. I really feel for you and the emotional longing that you must have for your son, having to leave him after being there with him every day.

Although, your writing and style is really lovely and endearing. Some people think travelling all over the world is luxurious but it evidently has its drawbacks. Where do you travel to? Is it all over? Wishing you and your family all the best for 2016!

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