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Running Out of Diapers

Life is busy and if I get stuck on the toilet without any toilet paper, for instance, and I shout to my husband, who never replaces the toilet paper roll, “help, get me some TP from the linen closet, please,” and his reply is either that he cannot find any, or there isn’t any left for real. Solution: stock up!

Another Scenario

I notice that diapers are getting low. I note to myself to get a good stock as I am always running to the nearby market and paying way too much. I notice again that the supply of diapers is getting even lower and again I note to myself to get a bulk amount at a bargain, saving time and money. Next, I notice there are none! No diapers in the diaper bag, the car caddy of emergency items, none in the cupboard downstairs, etc… none!

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