I am jealous of your job, I love to travel …

Comment on Flight Attendant Mom by Summerly.

I am jealous of your job, I love to travel and being a flight attendant would be the best way to go about seeing the world. But, in actually doing what you do, you probably don’t look at it so much that way anymore, it’s just a job with alot of perks. Everyone thinks other jobs would be great, but then when you hear the real stories of the job and not just what you think in your head, then you realize that it may not be that great all the time. You would miss your family, and familiar surroundings, and it does seem that your time being a ‘tourist’ would be rushed. Nice to get a sense of what a flight attendant may not enjoy from a job that seems awesome.


Born in British Columbia, I currently reside in Dubai, UAE. I have a passion for travel and this has led me to work for one of the biggest international airlines in the world. I have been travelling for five years and love the experiences. Be free!

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