When Mom Travels For Work

Much support is required when mom travels for work. It is sometimes a tough road, one that must make sense personally and functionally. It is imperative that all the family members support, or can learn to support, decisions surrounding career and the success of the family dynamic.

Keeping balance and harmony within a busy household is the goal when it comes to maintaining an environment of well-being and happiness. Children can grow up feeling secure and safe and develop in healthy ways. Challenges are kept to a minimum and tackled as they come, if not avoidable. Our boy is only approaching two years old and as he grows he will need us more and more and I monitor our needs as we go. Regular communication with our family members and caregivers is important.

Do Your Best Everyday

We learn and strive to do better when it comes to family matters. It is ongoing. I try to be hard on myself where it is needed and remember to be gentle when it comes to failures or heartache. If I feel good that we as parents have done our best, I can go forward and attend to responsibilities and have a well-rounded, healthy environment for our family to grow in.

Praise the good, celebrate the happy moments and change the shortfalls. Read, speak to your community and rely on your support systems, whether they be public or private communities. We do our very best.

Throughout this “Family” section I will explore issues and family matters in order to learn and  maybe even resolve some of my constant questions. This is a learning journey and an important balancing act that has no actors, just real players and it consumes me, happily, everyday!