I truly love this post! I am mom of 4 …

Comment on Face the Guilt of Parenting by Allen Adkins.

I truly love this post! I am mom of 4 grown children but at times I had to work 2 or 3 jobs just to support them and I had to miss out on some the experiences of being a mom. I did at times have to stay away from home and let my parents watch them but it still is not the same as me being there but I knew what my responsibility to provide for them was!
The more “we” talk about the things that make us feel guilty the better and the more we are releasing these negative feelings so that they doesn’t continue to weigh us down that is why I tell my children know that it is hard to always be their for your children but I also let them know that times flies by! Parenting is very difficult but yet is also a full-time job with no instruction manuel so we will make mistakes but all parents have to stick together!
Being a grandparent is easier than being a parent right now but my kids know I understand what they are going through and I understand the pain they fill and I try to help in every way I can.
Great site and some wonderful input

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