Before and After: Life As A Working Mom

ek-airport-tag-enjoythe-rideBefore Baby

Today I welcomed laundry. Something domestic. I made a useless grocery list as I am not ever home long enough to warrant any sort of stock or entertain percieved thoughts of cooking a week of meals, I looked for bills to pay. I prematurely paid my internet and mobile phone bill; my only two bills besides my credit card. I put some money on my credit card, just to be thorough. I talked to my plants, and then my roommates plants. By that I mean, I noticed they were lacking water and I said, ” You need water.” Amused, I thought, I am truly uncomfortable with a moments peace. I have been on such an amazing fast – tracked journey that I am not quite sure of normalcy anymore. Three bills covered and laundry done. I’ve just returned from Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Sydney; Now what?
I am trying to embrace this fleeting time of luxury. I think of my beautiful friends who are mothers and care for their wonderful family while holding careers, or those who are working night jobs while pouring their energy into studies by day. Or all of the above! I have certainly strived since exiting grade school and whatever obstacle that I invited or came into, I endured, and now life is a little easier. I struggle to find balance! Honestly, as hard as I work, I feel spoiled and slightly ungrounded.
Perhaps mundane for a blog spot, however, it is apart from my usual history reviews of touristy places I have visited, and is a real and true reflection of this expereince I am living, additionally including my mild complaints of flying and its drama. I am forever trying to push myself and am anxious to further my education and with that, as I keep up on world events, for example, I continue to support various charity causes. I even volunteered at our local Dubai zoo and adore a lovely female giraffe, named Cathy. “Cathy – the Girafee” is a beautiful creature who needs dental work.
Well, before I, or anyone, mistakes me for one of those blogster, animal loving singleites, (the ones with their cats and TV dinners,) perhaps without the capacity or avenue of sharing daily episodes directly, at times, allow me to express. My “calendar” is far from empty and as much as I try and “hole-up” in my bedroom, struck by depleted energy and life after completing insane operationals, or flights- that is my job, there are continuous events I am quite entirely excited for.
Dubai is an intriguing, beautiful place. A bit of a facade, and some politics that scare me, still, I explore this “Vegas in the desert,” I realize there truly is something for everyone.

After Baby

Well, Dubai and travel is still ever exciting and wonderful. I feel very lucky. Now, with a beautiful family at home, I am even more blessed; challenges and all.

I wrote the above story a couple years back and have sub-titled the sample writing “Before Baby”. My how things have changed drastically!

Now, I fly to about 8 to 9 destinations, around the world, a month. This takes up about half a calendar month, and the other half of the month I look forward to spending my time with our son. My husband is also flying around the world and on a month to month schedule that keeps us on our toes. On our toes to be organised and therefore allow time for all of us as it is so important to never miss a moment.

Although life before baby differs greatly from life after baby and family, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Happy, busy family

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