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How to Travel With A Toddler

Laugh at the things that don’t go quite right and think about the big picture – you are fortunate to have health, happiness and family and are going on a trip!! Holiday Travel Time: This Flight Attendant Knows It’s that

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Before and After: Life As A Working Mom

Before Baby Today I welcomed laundry. Something domestic. I made a useless grocery list as I am not ever home long enough to warrant any sort of stock or entertain percieved thoughts of cooking a week of meals, I looked

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Channeling China : Beijing’s Bricks

After a day and a half off, and surviving Bangkok, Thailand, my stewardess roster brought me to Beijing, China. Beijing, or Peking, the capital city of The Peoples Republic of China, is incredibly populated and is the second largest metropolis in all

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Positive Discipline for Toddlers

Unfortunately, young toddlers do not have much of a conscience. It hasn’t begun to develop quite yet. So what do you do when your toddler bites or hits you? Or throws your iPhone in the toilet, or throws a clay

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Tour De France, Of Sorts

A brilliant layover trip to Paris, France! It was a “PG” sort of trip; I travelled with my new friend Jale (Juh- lay), and her beautiful mother, Helene. Jale and Helene are of Turkish descent and Jale was born in Australia.

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One Stop Shop

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Face the Guilt of Parenting

Plans Ahead, Our Son Turns Two My son turns two years old in the near future and as a flight attendant, I am not sure if I will be there for this very important day! This is one negative truth

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Road to Guilt Free Working Parents

Family Matters The number one priority in your life is your family. Isn’t this one of the main reasons why we work so hard at our careers? You, like me at times, may feel a strong sense of guilt being

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Flight Attendant Mom

Travel Stories : Bouncing East to West Flight Attendant Layovers: Days go by and by and by. Since Seoul I have travelled to Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. I have also just returned from New York City. The six

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Read to Your Children

Read to your children. Bond and Explore! As you are about to see, I am quite passionate about reading and I want to encourage my child to read and explore and learn along the way. I read to my son

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