About Me



My name is Kimberley and I was born in British Columbia, Canada. Currently away from Vancouver, (and missing my home city very much), I reside in Dubai, UAE, happily, with my amazing Kiwi husband and my toddler son. Marhaba to you!

I fly for a living and blog in the wee hours when I cannot sleep. I write because I love to, and I act on inspirations as life is full of positive surprises. I am eager to share and explore all that is my world (and maybe yours too) and pay it forward! I created this website to share and explore all I can about Working, Travelling, Mommies. The ups, the downs, and all the challenges and rewards. It isn’t easy being a Mom and working away from family on occasion, however, I love what I do and am an excellent Mom too! It takes work to do our Mom duty so any tidbits or advice I can gain from others is a blessing. I strive to make things easier and be able to have fun in this life! So  lean on someone if you can, or get resourceful and find ways to live your life the way you wish to. We can choose to give up or we can embrace life and do our best everyday!

Thank you for visiting my website. Being the “rookie” that I am, please bare with me as I fumble through this experience! Sit back, and enjoy my “wisdoms”. I wish to experience LIFE and share with you (or simply reflect later as I may be my only reader!) Hopefully one of my stories entertains you, inspires you or just makes you smile.

Thanks for your support, mild interest or comments. Please send along any ideas you may have for me, or even better, share your stories. You, my friends and family, inspire me everyday!

My best,