A More Challenging Life? Tell Me A Better Life?

Are you a working mom or dad? A travelling executive? Are you away from your family for any given amount of time, either for the day, the weekend or the week and face challenges, like me and so many career parents? Challenges that bring guilt of being away from little ones and our best friends; our partners! Challenges that I could list until the end of this month or more including childcare, when did that tooth emerge? Am I giving enough time to baby and to my partner? What community support do I have? How do I continue at my job that is a contributor to the nest and a passion of mine and balance where I am needed?

I am not here to regress into the past of the “times” of our mothers’ mothers. We have moved on. The decades have passed and career mothers have prevailed, (and failed, but that is ok!). Onward – we have people’s blessings in, er… the Western world. Or forget blessings – be the best person you can be. Do this everyday! If the best person you can be on a given day is to be a wreck and you need to cry and shout – do it, ask for help from your mom, your best friend, your neighbour, teacher, sales clerk… or maybe even come see me. Our task is by no means a walk in the park – but that just might be the answer, you know what I am saying? GO WALK IN THE PARK! 😉


  1. Chris says:

    Hi there! Really interesting site you have here…but I’m a stay at home dad so I don’t really fit into the female category lol. Some of the points you covered here really do hit home with me though. I have to juggle working full time online with being a full time parent to my 13 month old son ( who is a bag of energy! ). Looking forward to reading the rest of the thoughts you’ve put out there!

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    • Kimberley says:

      Thanks so much, Chris! Proud of you and your efforts! All the best with your little one who is just a bit younger than ours! Everyday it gets better and better! Bag of energy and a bag of laughs!

      Again, thanks for your comments. Take good care!

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  2. Simon Crowe in Asia says:

    People always say that your life changes when you have kids and it’s not I didn’t believe them but… they’re so right!

    Right now I’m struggling to keep all plates spinning – our newborn girl, my relationship with my wife, my work responsibilities (long 12 hour days) and whatever else comes up during the day.

    It can be stressful but I commend you what you’ve said – if you’re struggling, feel like you’re drowning – don’t struggle alone..

    ask for help and talk to someone!!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, sometimes it’s good to know I’m not the only one and…. I’m not going crazy 🙂

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    • Kimberley says:

      Well said, Simon! You are doing great – keep going! Yes, so many “hats” to wear and the challenges are endless. I try to keep things simple, but it is so easy to get weighed down when you are down right tired and the wheels have to keep spinning! Get help, get rest, and let some things go… it takes practice…

      Know that phases will pass and try and enjoy the little moments while they are here! Be kind to one another above all else, and be kind to yourself 🙂

      Thank you so very much for your comments!


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  3. Claire Schneeberger says:

    Hey Kimberly,

    I used to be a working mom, feeling rushed and guilty most of the time. As a result of circumstances I am now a stay at home mom. Still feeling rushed and guilty a lot of the time, but for different reasons. I think the primary caregiver will always have a couple of balls to juggle! Those with a support system should really make the most of it, they are in a fortunate position, unlike many families in today’s world that are far removed from their loved ones.

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